All systems go! I'm available for commissions and projects!
Booked through March 2022
I'm sure this looks photo-real to you, but I can assure you that my skin looks much more like plastic in real life.
I create 3D artwork that enhances almost any brand.
For the last's pronounced FRITZ!
My name is Ben Fryc and I am a 3D artist, illustrator, animator, art director and designer from the Detroit, MI area. I work with brands from around the world to create immersive and engaging experiences.
Watch my 2021 Demo Reel
Fueled IllustrationCosmonautHeads - Volume Modeling - 2021Dog Turtle 2021Heads Julian and Tino - Volume Modeling - 2021Torso - Volume Modeling - 2021Heads 4 - Volume Modeling - 2021Icarus - 2021
Polywork Podcast DayAlex and CiciCosmonaut from Icarus - 2021Skatepark - 2021Heads - Volume Modeling - 2021Artifact - ICARUS - 2021Brandon - 2021
Watch my 2021 Demo Reel
Preview my short film ICARUS